Colombian stunner Valeria Duque is an Instagram influencer, Model, TikToker and Reality TV star. Popular through her Instagram (@valeriaduqueh), Valeria is taking the hotness quotient to another level, sharing pictures with her 668K followers. She is also known as contestant on Colombian reality TV show “Desafío Súper Humanos XV” in 2018.


Born on February 22, 1992, Valeria Duque is currently 28 Years old (as of November 2020). She was born and grew up in Medellín, Colombia and her Religion is “Christianity”. She has Colombian Nationality and her Race is Latin.

Valeria Duque height is 5 feet 6 inches (170 cm tall) and maintains a healthy weight of 57 kg. Her other physical stats are 34-27-33. Her natural hair colour is light brown and she has beautiful brown eyes.

Fans don’t believe but Instagirl Valeria has a 9 years old son. She lives with her parents and his son in Medellín, while her best friend is her brother who lives abroad.

Valeria’s Tattoo became a topic of interest, when her lingerie photoshoot making rounds around the internet. She has a beautiful tattoo just above her coochie.

She studied journalism and social communications from Medellín and had a passion for Journalism, but had planned to join modelling instead to support her family.

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Net worth of Colombian Model Valeria Duque is estimated to around $2 Million US Dollars or 38,195,00000 Colombian Peso in 2020.


Valeria is an Instafamous girl from Medellín, Colombia, who currently boasts a massive 667K followers on the popular photo sharing app. The beautiful belle’s Instagram account is loaded with pics and as result, followers on her official IG Handle (@valeriaduqueh) skyrocketed, reeling in more than 5 million+ views and Likes in 2020.

Currently she is one of the top 150 Colombian Instagram celebrities (based on no. of followers) and earns $ 3K US Dollars/sponsored posts from brand mentions in her IG Posts. Valeria has been associated with popular international & Colombian brands like: Bang Energy drinks & supplements, @ vitality.col, Buhomax, EXPOFITNESS, Céu Te Cuida, Productos LZ, COCOA JEANS, Sugar Dolls Medellín women’s clothing store (@sugardollsmed), Hippy Chick Colombia.

A big chunk of her income comes as an Elite Bang Energy model.  She is one of the influencer selected in Colombia to promote the sports supplements and performance beverage “Bang” and “Redline energy”. She is grossing an average of $1800 per paid promotional video, $1200 for a pic with #bangenergy, and $500 for a bang energy IG story.

Official InstagramJune 2017
Engagement rate2.85%
Average Likes/Pic30K
Average Views/Video Post100K
Global Rank32,490 (November 2020)
Country Rank775 (In Colombia)
Category Rank (Lifestyle)246 (In Colombia)


Valeria popularity soared on popular lip-syncing app TikTok in September 2020, where this Colombian diva has received over 425K Hearts. Her official TikTok account (@valeriaduqueh) gained almost double number of followers in just one month. At the start of September 2020, Valeria has just 86,000 followers on the platform but by the mid of October 2020, she reached a whopping 165 K followers.

Not only that, she started to receive double the amount of likes and shares, all thanks to her viral TikTok video posted on 3rd September 2020, which garnered 754K Views, 57,000 likes and 2600 shares.

Valeria currently ranks under top 1000 TikTokers in Colombia and 132,405th globally. She has an excellent engagement rate of 7.8%, receiving on average 5.5K hearts and 75K Video views/TikTok post. Majority of her followers are from Colombia, followed by Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru, so based on these stats, her Tik Tok platform partner earning Value is estimated to be around $100 – $200 US Dollars in 2020.


Valeria is not only just creating storm on the internet with her sultry avatar but is also a very successful entrepreneur in Colombia. She is the creator of VAL, a sports performance, Gym wear and casual accessories brand; catering the needs of Women’s attire in the fitness space.

Her brand “VAL” has official Instagram (@valactive_) and she sells her merchandise through online store at , where she has product line-up of Val Tops & Blouses, Val Lycra & Sweatshirts, Val Shorts, Val Jumpsuits & Jackets and Val Socks. Valeria’s merch is priced in the range of $50 – $100 US Dollars and a sizable amount of her income comes through the online store.
WhatsApp Number+57 313 608 2763


Valeria usually hits Gym 3-4 times a week and prefers to do warm up cardio followed by high intensity exercises for 45-60 minutes. She reserves one day for leg and booty workout. She prefers upper body exercises with a little weight along with some cardio exercises to burn calories.

Warm-up Cardio:

  • Active Spidermans
  • Squat to Stands
  • Air Squats
  • Slow Burpees
  • Knee to Chest
  • Lunge & Twist (Over Front Leg)
  • Toe Touches

High-intensity training:

  • 3×3 reps of Burpee Box Jumps
  • 3×6 reps of Double DB Front Squats
  • 3×9 rep of Deadlifts

Valeria Duque Upper body cardio circuit routine:

Valeria advices light dumbbells to avoid injuries and 4 laps of following circuit with 1 minute 15 seconds of recovery break between exercises

  • Squat opens and closes: 30 movements
  • jumping jacks + bicep curl: 30 movements [only counts the closed]
  • movements in the palms + plank opens and closes + jump: 12 movements [only count the jump]
  • Flexion pull + kick donkey: 10 per arm
  • Dumbbell clowns: 40 repetitions
  • skiping on the jumper

When Valeria don’t go to Gym, she follows the following full-body toning and shaping workout routine. All she needs a piece of furniture, a pineapple and some books (for weight); one can replace them with dumbbells.

4 sets of these exercises –

  • Pistol with one leg, then Squat, then pistol with the other leg (30 times)
  • Abdomen to side and side with something heavy 30 times
  • Individual hip trust 20 per leg (Get an object that has some weight) 20 per leg
  • 20 burpees (Minimum 40 times)
  • Skater Cardio exercises for sexy legs
  • Jump Squat Bounce 30  repetitions
  • Dips with one leg raised (10 for each leg)

Her full body exercise routine (during Covid lockdown period) is as follows:

  • Gluteal leg elevation 20 rep
  • Abdomen knees to chest in parallel 30 rep  
  • Aerobic work 30 jumps a high bench
  • Aerobic work 6 balls of different weights round trip
  • Deep squat – shoulder 20 rep
  • Quadriceps extension 10 sec – 10 rep, 8 sec – 8 rep, 5 sec – 5 rep that’s one set
  • Squat – forward 10 per leg 40 pounds of weight
  • Plank touching the ball 30 times to work shoulders
  • Aerobic and leg work 30 raising and lowering the step with trx
  • Advanced – hip flexion in step 15 rep per leg


  • Her role model is Colombian actress “Margarita Rosa de Francisco”
  • Favourite Music Genre: Reggaeton and EDM
  • Her first Job as a child actress was in a commercial ad and billboard photoshoot for Colombian food company “Zenú”
  • Her son’s birthday falls on May 4
  • she is also an brand ambassador for “Adidas” in Colombia

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