Dublin Murders Season 2 Starz: Release Date, Cast & Plot Explained

Will Dublin murders have a season 2? Are detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox coming back for a second season? These question are in the mind of every fans of BBC & Starz’s mysterious 8 episode crime drama series titled “Dublin Murders”. Good news is that Starz is currently in talks for more future seasons.

Release date October 2021 (Expected)
Episodes 8
Genres TV Crime Dramas, TV Mystery
Watch Online Available on Starz
Starring Killian Scott, Sarah Greene, Conleth Hill & Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Age Rating TV-MA
Dublin Murders Poster (Image Courtesy Facebook – @dublinmurders)

Dublin Murders originally aired on BBC One in UK (14 October 2019) and on RTE in Ireland (16 October 2019). Starz acquired the rights for airing the show in the US and Canada and premiered the series in USA on 10 November 2019.



Dublin Murders is based on Dublin Murder Squad Series books by American-Irish writer “Tana French”. The series consist of 6 books, the first two of which (In the Woods & The Likeness), were adapted into season 1 of “Dublin Murders”.

Dublin Murder Squad #1 In the Woods
Dublin Murder Squad #2 The Likeness
Dublin Murder Squad #3 Faithful Place
Dublin Murder Squad #4 Broken Harbor
Dublin Murder Squad #5 The Secret Place
Dublin Murder Squad #6 The Trespasser


So yes, content wise, there’s enough material for more than two seasons of the series. Though Dublin Murders is yet to get green lit for production of its second season, both “Sarah Phelps” (Creator & Executive Producer) & “Jeffrey Hirsch” (CEO Starz) were excited with the response and are currently in talks to renew the series for second season.

“I hope we get to do more seasons because I know what happens in the final scene.” – Sarah Phelps

Dublin Murders is produced by British Production Company “Euston Films”, Irish Production Company “Element Pictures” & Veritas Entertainment Group. The show is a co-production with the BBC and received excellent reviews from UK viewers.



Are detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox coming back for a second season? Unfortunately, NO. Irish actor “Killian Scott” who played the role of detective “Rob Reilly” and Irish actress “Sarah Greene” who played the role of detective “Cassie Maddox” are most likely not going to reprise their role in Dublin Murders season 2.

The Tana French novel “In the Woods” mainly follows the story of detective “Rob Reilly’s” haunting past and the murder of a girl in Knocknaree. Whereas “The Likeness” has detective “Cassie Maddox” as the primary character.

But from book three onward, both “Rob Reilly” and “Cassie Maddox” were no longer a primary characters in the novel. Instead it’s actor “Tom Vaughan-Lawlor” character of “Frank Mackey” which is at the centre of all the 4 latter instalments of the book series.

Dublin Murders Cast

Killian Scott Rob Reilly
Sarah Greene Cassie Maddox
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor Frank Mackey
Conleth Hill O’Kelly
Eugene O’Hare Quigley



Dublin Murders season 1 was majorly adapted from “In the Woods”, which was “Tana French’s” debut novel and for which she won the 2008 Edgar Award in the “Best first novel by an American author category”.

It follows two story arcs, first is the case of disappearance of three children’s Jamie, Peter, and Adam, in the woods of Knocknaree, some 20 years ago and second is the current murder case of “Katy Devlin”, a young girl, also in the woods of Knocknaree.

The latter current case of Katy’s murder got its ending but like in the novel the disappearance of the three children did not get any closure and left unsolved.

What most fans of this show wants to know is that, will the upcoming seasons of Dublin Murders going to follow up this story and give it a conclusion. Unfortunately, NO. The case will remain unresolved and that whats most daunting about French’s novel and what also give the eerie, bone chilling taste of reality. It sucks, but sometimes, people disappear and never come out of the woods again.

As far as season 2 plotline is concerned, it will be adapted from French’s 3rd Novel titled “Faithful Place”.

The story follows detective “Frank Mackey”, who has to return to his childhood neighbourhood to solve the disappearance of his first love “Rosie”, some 22 years ago. Frank and Rosie were 19 years old, when they formed a plan to run away and break into the music business. Frank waited at their rendezvous spot all night, but Rosie never showed up. Eventually he decided to leave without her, but always hoped that he would find her again. Now, her mouldy suitcase from twenty two years ago has been recovered and the hunt to solve the mystery begins.


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