Carnival Row Season 2

Is there a Carnival Row Season 2? Are inspector Philo and Fae Vignette Stonemoss coming back for a second season? These question are in the mind of every fans of this 8 episode Amazon Original fantasy crime series titled “Carnival Row”. The good news is that Amazon has renewed the series and production was already started.

Release dateApril 2021 (expected)
GenresTV Fantasy, TV Mystery
Watch OnlineAvailable on Amazon Prime Video
StarringOrlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Simon McBurney & Tamzin Merchant
Age Rating16+
Based OnA Killing on Carnival Row
Carnival Row Season 2 Amazon Prime Video

The series’ first season was premiered worldwide on August 30, 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. The fantasy world with monsters, the metaphorically rich social commentary, spectacular set designs and a captivating performance by series lead “Orlando Bloom” & “Cara Delevingne” was enough for this 1 hour episodes series to hook its viewers; who are eagerly waiting for the story to unfold further with season 2.


Absolutely, Yes!!

Carnival Row is based on a short film “A Killing on Carnival Row”, written by series co-creator “Travis Beacham” when he was studying in “UNC School of the Arts” in Winston-Salem, NC.

According to Travis, the fantasy world is going to be far richer and complex in future seasons. Die-hard fans of the series can even read the complete backstory on Philo & Vignette as two prequel comics “From the Dark” & “SparrowHawk” was released by Legenday Comics on Comixology.

In July 2019, Amazon announced a 60 minutes-8 episodes 2nd season of “Carnival Row”, under co-creators “Travis Beacham” & “René Echevarria”. The announcement was made via show’s official twitter handle (@CarnivalRow), where the lead cast teases viewers on what to expect for season 2.

The post reads: “The stories of The Burgue are far from over. Orlando Bloom, @CaraDelevingne, @TheDavidGyasi, @TamzinMerchant and more of your favorites are now in production on Season 2 of #CarnivalRow.”

Production for Carnival Row season 2 started in November 2019 but placed on hiatus in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Like the first season, the series was scheduled for filming in Prague with production under the Barrandov Studios. The lockdown measures are lifted in the Czech Republic and the studio & crew is all set to start filming for upcoming season.


Are inspector Philo and Fae Vignette Stonemoss coming back for a second season? Definitely, YES. Kent born British actor “Orlando Bloom”, who played the role of inspector “Rycroft Philostrate” and London born British Model & actress “Cara Delevingne” who played “Vignette Stonemoss”, a fae and Philo’s former lover, are the lead cast in the second instalment of “Carnival Row”

Actor “Simon McBurney” & “Tamzin Merchant” will reprise their role as master of a troupe of kobolds “Runyon Millworthy” & heiress “Imogen Spurnrose”, respectively.

British actor “Arty Froushan” & “Caroline Ford” are also going to play a pivotal role of “Jonah Breakspear” & “Sophie Longerbane” in Carnival Row season 2. In a twist, it was revealed that Sophie & Jonah are actually half-brother-sister but still they stay together, especially Sophie, and this plotline will be a major story arc in season 2.

Carnival Row Season 2 Main Cast:

Orlando BloomRycroft Philostrate
Cara DelevingneVignette Stonemoss
David GyasiAgreus Astrayon
Tamzin MerchantImogen Spurnrose
Simon McBurneyRunyon Millworthy
Caroline FordSophie Longerbane
Arty FroushanJonah Breakspear
Andrew GowerEzra Spurnrose


There are many burning questions aroused after the season 1 finale of Carnival Row like “Is Piety Breakspear truly dead?”, “Will Jonah marry his half-sister Sophie?”, “Where are Imogen and Mr. Agreus Headed? & “What’s the Pact deal, What Do They Want”?

While the grandeur and scale of the show’s fantasy portion is definitely going to be bigger and predominant in season 2 the main story arcs can only be speculated as of yet.

One of the many revelations co-creator Travis has made via his official twitter handle (@travisbeacham) is that the character of “Sophie Longerbane”, played by “Caroline Ford” is going to get some intense drama.

The tweet reads: “Sophie became a crowd favourite in the season 2 writer’s room as her second season arc came into focus. Stay tuned… #CarnivalRow”

Season 1 of Carnival Row wraps almost all the story arcs pretty well, so well so, that some viewers were convinced they revealed all their cards in season 1 but Travis Beacham has something else in his magic box.

Travis Beacham on Carnival Row Season 2 Plot

He tweets: “We are hard at work on season 2, and we’re definitely going to some unexpected places. There’s a lot going on with these characters and for many you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. #CarnivalRow”


The trailer for the second season of Amazon’s popular neo-noir fantasy thriller “Carnival Row”, which received nominated for “Best Genre Series” at the 2020 Satellite Awards, is still awaited. We will update this section as soon as the official trailer drops.

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